San Antonio DWI Jail Release

San Antonio Jail Release

The first step after a DWI arrest is getting out of jail. We expedite your friend or loved one being released from jail.

Once we secure your San Antonio DWI Jail Release, any fee that was paid to our firm to secure your release is applied toward your initial retainer payment.

What are the steps in an San Antonio Jail Release:

  1. The judge will set the bond amount,
  2. Pretrial Investigations will gather the arrestees information, conduct a background check, and call references,
  3. The Judge reviews the bond application and approves or denies it,
  4. The approved bond is delivered to the jail for processing, and
  5. Your friend or loved one is released, usually within 2-4 hours of the jail receiving the bond.

How do we expedite a San Antonio Jail Release?

  1. We go to pretrial investigations and obtain a bond package to interview the arrested individual. This allows us to interview the arrestee to gather the information needed for the background check.
  2. We take the package directly to pretrial services and wait while the background check is conducted. Once the background check is conducted, Pretrial Investigations will either recommend approving or denying the bond.
  3. As soon as pretrial services give their recommendation, we take it to the duty magistrate for approval. Although pretrial investigation may recommend denying the bond, the judge will often approve it with an attorney walking the bond through for the arrestee.
  4. Once approved we return the bond to pretrial services to prepare a package for delivery for the jail.
  5. Then we walk the bond to the Jail for processing.

Call 210-819-4111 to speak with an Attorney Today.  Without an attorney expediting the bond, it often takes significantly longer for your friend or loved one to get released from jail. Once the magistrate sets the bond, typically between 7 am and 1 am, we can usually walk the bond through the above process and deliver it to the jail within 2 hours.

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