Uncontested Divorce

Will An Uncontested Divorce Work For You?


For some, the prospect of a long, potentially divisive legal proceeding is enough to put off the decision to seek a divorce for months or even years.


If both parties are able to reach an agreement without court assistance, it may be possible to seek an uncontested divorce. The ability to work amicably with your spouse, however, is not enough. Many issues must be decided to the court’s satisfaction to obtain a divorce. Our lawyers can help you through the process of obtaining an uncontested divorce.


At The Parent Law Firm, based in San Antonio, we understand that ending a marriage can be frustrating and painful. We use our experience and knowledge to help clients through the divorce process with as little stress as possible. Our attorneys provide timely advice and compassionate representation to make a difficult process easier. That ability makes us an ideal choice for those seeking an uncontested divorce.


Assisting You With Divorce Planning & Execution


Uncontested divorces require a detailed plan, agreed to by both parties, properly deciding all the issues involved in any divorce. The agreement must cover child custody and visitation rights, the division of marital assets and debts, alimony and more.


If an important issue is not addressed, the court will not grant the divorce. Careful planning and attention to detail are vital to completing the process successfully.


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The Parent Law Firm, handles all types of divorce cases, including highly complex cases involving substantial assets and support obligations. It is possible to have an uncontested divorce, even in high net worth situations, as long as the parties can work together.


We can help you understand if an uncontested divorce is a good option for you. Contact us today.

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