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Handling Same-Sex Family Law Issues


Family laws on same-sex marriages impact many areas of same-sex couples’ lives. A skilled attorney can help you and your partner overcome many of these problems. Families are different. Likewise, one family code does not necessarily fit all families. It is possible to take the Texas Family Code and creatively apply it to any family to give it as many options as are imaginable. At The Parent Law Firm, we understand the frustrations that same-sex couples have when legal matters arise in their family lives and can provide assistance with:


  • Second-parent adoptions
  • Gestational surrogacy agreements
  • Division of property after a breakup
  • Child custody
  • Cohabitation/partnership agreements
  • Name changes
  • Dissolutions/divorces


As the law on same-sex marriages and civil unions evolve, our legal team can help you identify the most effective way to legally protect you and your family.


At The Parent Law Firm, we say that our clients are more than just clients. This simple statement guides everything that we do. When you work with our law firm, you can be certain that we will devote our time, energy and skill to your case. We have helped and will continue to help all types of families achieve their goals, whatever they may be. Let us answer your questions.


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Our lawyers’ experience in many different areas means that you can rely on us to address the unique aspects of your case, even if it involves sophisticated issues such as same-sex families and Texas law, international family law, dividing the value of a business or considering bankruptcy. Contact us today for a consultation.

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