Driving While Intoxicated

When you get a DWI in San Antonio what happens is you’re actually facing two things, you’re, number one, facing your criminal charge but you’re also facing the driver’s license suspension side.

What happens is you have 15 days to put in a driver’s license hearing request, and when that request is in that allows us, at the hearing, to put the officer on the stand under oath and ask him questions before we get to the criminal case. This allows us to lock in his or her testimony, we can see how he or she testifies, and question about discrepancies between the police report and the video.

On the criminal side, they take you and do your booking. If you don’t have much in your criminal history, they’ll release you on a PR bond, which is a promise to come back with a small processing fee. And then, from there, I meet with the client, discuss their case with them, and look for any weaknesses based on the client’s recollection.

It’s important you find an attorney that knows what they’re doing, that knows the DWI laws and the cases and what to look for when they’re fighting your DWI. Call (210) 819-4111 day or night to set up your free consultation.

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